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The goal of this project is to provide a universal tool that answers the question "who owes whom?" in the context of a social group of people. It has to fulfil the following requirements. Simplicity The tool must be simple to use . This is the ultimate requirement. It should guide the user through one unique short process independent from the number of people involved and the number of transactions. Ergonomy The tool must provide a maximum level of comfort and require a minimum of user interactions. It must be responsive and fluid. Especially, entering expenses must be similar and as natural as filling a spreadsheet . Versatility The tool must be able to manage the following situations: recurrent shared expenses inside a non-constant group of people, e.g living with roommates , punctual shared expenses, e.g sharing expenses during a week-end with friends , lending or borrowing money to someone, different shares of an expense. In any case, versatility

Internet tools answering the question "who owes whom?"

This is a not thorough list of online services helping you answer the question "who owes whom": billster scred sharingbills spicydigits buxfer ioweyou paypettes billmonk moochspot chippedin beezang wecash ze-coloc billico You can see more by following those links: .