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What is it?

"Who owes whom" is yet another internet tool that answers the said question in the context of a social group. It allows you and your friends to enter shared expenses in a spreadsheet and get all the debts induced by those expenses. Besides, you can track all your debts, register new ones and mark them as paid.

This service is created by one single person with no purpose of making money but only the hope to make a useful piece of software. Any feedback would be appreciated in order to improve the service: contact at

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Version 3 release for roommates

Version 3 of kidanki has been released for roommates. I can finally enter the expenses I share with my roommates using my mobile! Some screenshots: Home screen of kidanki on a laptop Home screen of kidanki on a mobile Home screen of kidanki on a tablet

Release β.0.4: bug fix + technical upgrade

B: when user opens sheet without admin permissions, only user's expenses should be showed at first Upgrade to Python 2.7 using Google Appengine High Replication Datastore

Release β.0.3: bin for expenses sheet

After many unwanted deletion of expenses sheet, bin for expenses sheets has finally been implemented. It is now impossible for users to delete directly an expenses sheet: the sheet is marked as deleted and automatically destroyed 30 days after its last edition, unless the user recovers it before. The action of deleting is now more coherent with other actions as it is undoable.