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What is it?

"Who owes whom" is yet another internet tool that answers the said question in the context of a social group. It allows you and your friends to enter shared expenses in a spreadsheet and get all the debts induced by those expenses. Besides, you can track all your debts, register new ones and mark them as paid.

This service is created by one single person with no purpose of making money but only the hope to make a useful piece of software. Any feedback would be appreciated in order to improve the service: contact at

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Version 3 release for anonymous usage

Kidanki exists in two versions: the "anonymous" version where one can create and share an expenses sheet without signing in; the "connected" version where one signs in and can manage several expenses sheets and several groups of people. Today, version 3 for anonymous has been released! It works on mobile, tablet and desktop screens, it's fast and it couldn't be any simpler. Here are some screenshots: Creating a new expenses sheet List of expenses on a mobile screen List of expenses on a tablet screen List of expenses on a desktop screen List of debts on a mobile screen Expenses sheet settings on a tablet screen

Release β.0.5: improved anonymous expenses sheet

When creating an expenses sheet anonymously, the user can choose to be sent an email with the link to the expenses sheet.