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Release α.0.1

Simplification of the user interface (removed the possibility to mark list of expenses with labels). Finished statistics panel about a list of expenses.

Release α.0.0

That's it! After several months of development, the first version is released. It includes the following features. Identification Login with your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook or OpenId account. Logout Switch user: if  you and your roommates use the same computer to access whooweswhom, this allows you to connect in one click. Shared expenses Create/delete list of expenses. Mark list of expenses with labels. Invite people to enter expenses (GMail and Yahoo contacts importer). Add/delete/update expenses in a spreadsheet, Show statistics about a list of expenses (sum by participant, average by month, sum by category, ...). Close a list of expenses: generates debts induced by a list of expenses. Debts Create/delete debts. Synthesize all your debts from different groups, different list of expenses and with different currencies. Mark debts as paid. Screenshots: