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Release α.0.0

That's it! After several months of development, the first version is released. It includes the following features.


  • Login with your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook or OpenId account.
  • Logout
  • Switch user: if  you and your roommates use the same computer to access whooweswhom, this allows you to connect in one click.

Shared expenses

  • Create/delete list of expenses.
  • Mark list of expenses with labels.
  • Invite people to enter expenses (GMail and Yahoo contacts importer).
  • Add/delete/update expenses in a spreadsheet,
  • Show statistics about a list of expenses (sum by participant, average by month, sum by category, ...).
  • Close a list of expenses: generates debts induced by a list of expenses.


  • Create/delete debts.
  • Synthesize all your debts from different groups, different list of expenses and with different currencies.
  • Mark debts as paid.

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