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Release α.1.1

  • List of expenses can now be configured after creation.
  • Debts simplification tested and approved! It had been 5 months that we hadn't settle accounts with my roommates. We had more than 100 expenses shared among different configuration of roommates. Those expenses induced 43 debts between us. Finally they were reduced to 5 transactions!

    The algorithm has been improved : it didn't simplify the case A→B, A→D, C→B, C→D. It has been really totured with that excercise. I carefully checked the results it's produced and I'm totally satisfied now.

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Release α.3.1: new look (again)

The first feedback I got about the α.3.0 new look was that it was not easy to find the lists of expenses and not very readable because of the font. So I reverted the UI's skin and put all the lists of expenses, spreadsheets and debts together! I'm not sure if it's judicious. The interface seems too loaded. However everything is at one click, and it'd be easy to move expenses from one list to another, simply by drag-n-drop.