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Release α.1.3

Previously a list of expenses could have two states: open or closed. Now it has three states: open, to paid, paid. When a list is closed, it becomes "to pay" until all the induced debts are mark as paid. Once a list is "paid", it can become "to pay" if one the debts induced by this list (or one debt simplifying the debts induced by this list) is marked as "not paid". And it becomes "open" again if you re-open the list.

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Release β.0.2: bug fixes and improvements

B: debts panel didn't span on all the available space B: when creating new expenses sheet, datebox not always synchronized with period checkbox B: anonymous expenses sheet sometimes issued a "conflict error" with no good reasons (this bug decreased also the performance) I: now possible to select expenses after the first page of expenses I: warning is displayable about the price per person (valid only if equal distribution)