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Release α.3.2: share a table of expenses, no sign in required for your friends

New feature! Now you can create a table of expenses and share it with your friends  without them needing to sign in. What you do is just to send them a hyperlink that brings them to the shared table of expenses.

Here are a few screenshots that show the use case.

First, click on the new Share button. This button is available only for table of expenses that are not part of a group (it doesn't make sense otherwise since table of expenses in a group are already shared with the people of the group).

Then, you get the hyperlink from which the table of expenses is available. You can copy/paste that link and send it to your friends or let whooweswhom send it (it can fetch your google or yahoo mail contacts). You can choose to allow people to modify the table of expenses or not.

That's it! Clicking on the link you sent them, people have a direct access to the table of expenses and don't even need to sign in.

This feature will be the recommended way to share a table of expenses for all punctual situations like a week-end with friends. For roomates, creating a group and inviting people to join this group is still the best way to exploit the tool as you benefit of the debts simplification feature.

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