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Release α.4.0: settings

  • Modifications
    • Renamed key concepts: "groups" are now "account books"  and "expenses table" become "expenses sheet"
    • Deleted demo panel from the home page
    • Changed login panel look (added Windows Live ID support)
  • New feature: interface to change user and account books settings
    • User
      • delete one's user account on
      • modify one's name and picture
    • Account books
      • change name
      • delete a shared account book
      • Expenses categories:
        • delete/replace
        • change name
      • Currencies
        • delete/replace
        • change name
      • Participants
        • delete/replace
        • change name
        • invite someone to take the role of a participant
        • change a participant's privileges on the account book
  • Bugs fixed:
    • connecting the first time with facebook brought to a page error
    • when sharing an expenses sheet, the link sent was erroneous
    • other minor ones

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